• What is Photo_Assist?
    This two-day, in-person, weekend workshop provides attendees with hands-on instruction on the basics of assisting a commercial photographer. You'll learn the vocabulary, gear, set etiquette, how to market yourself, and how to grow in the biz. A brief internship follows the workshop allowing for up to three paid days on-set and up to six hours of one-on-one with a practicing commercial photographer. All graduates of the program will also have indefinite access to our ever-growing list of industry mentors.
  • Who is it for?
    The Photo_Assist program is centering, and aiming to meaningfully support, all marginalized identities historically facing difficulties accessing entry-opportunities due to systemic inequities and industry bias within the Texas photography community.
  • How does it work?
    The workshop is completely free for attendees. A simple application will help us curate our program to the needs of our students and gauge interest in order to plan for future workshops. Once the workshop has been completed, our mentors will be a continued resource for any graduates of the program as they find their way in the industry.
  • Who is backing this?
    Photo_Assist is a decentralized effort requiring multiple industry partners. We are motivated by pursing just and professional supportive action in order to address a lack of diversity in the commercial photography industry.
  • Can I do this in my city?
    Yes! Our program is designed to be easily duplicatable. Please get in touch for course materials and a start-up guide.
  • How can I help?
    Thank you for asking! Our network of industry partners cover the broad strokes of producing the workshops but there are many details that would benefit from your help. Here is a link to our Amazon shopping list, as an example. Too, email for other ways to contribute!


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